Ingrīda Šilberga medical practice in gynecology and obstetrics meets the accessibility requirements for public buildings. People with reduced mobility, as well as wheelchair and pushchair users, can easily enter and move around the clinic.


  • Patients can enter using a ramp.
  • There is a call button on the 1st floor by the door to call the staff if you need assistance.

Ingrīda Šilberga medical practice in gynecology and obstetrics complies with the Latvian Construction Regulations:

  • LBN 208-08 “Public buildings and structures” with a clear width of at least 1.5 m and a door leaf width of at least 0.9 m.
  • There is a specially equipped toilet room for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users.
  • The building has elevators.

People with visual or hearing impairments are provided with the necessary visual information:

  • Building entrances and rooms are equipped with easy-to-read signage and well-lit visual information.
  • The first and last steps of the staircase are marked with a 5 cm wide bright contrasting yellow stripe across the entire width of the staircase.